How to obtain a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)?

How to obtain a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)?

HSBC – Your child’s overseas education companion

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Overseas education entails managing finances, applying to various schools, as well as being prepared for the uncertainties of staying abroad alone, and the whole process can be very exhausting. This is why HSBC provides you with a comprehensive solution and all the necessary assistance to help you take care of your child’s banking needs.

Begin your student life in an organised way with an HSBC account. Pay rent, track money, get money transferred and do so much more before you get there, with an HSBC NR account.

Overseas Education Key Benefits

Initiate your Overseas account opening before arrival – our dedicated team will assist you with opening a non-resident account in India as well as a local account overseas. The local and overseas account opening journey will start while you are still in India for smooth transition. There are no service charges for international account opening through International Banking Centre (IBC) for HSBC Premier customers

Our global network covers more than 100 cities, including popular education, travel and immigration hubs London, New York, Vancouver and Hong Kong

Global View Global Transfer – you and your children can manage worldwide HSBC accounts with one single log-on, and make fee-free real-time transfers whenever you want

Loans for education purposes * with preferential pricing through loan against property for secured loan or through personal loan for unsecured loan

* Please note that Tax at source (TCS) will be collected at applicable rates and these loans would not qualify for lower rate of Tax collected at source (TCS) which applies to loans under section 80E.

Emergency support including emergency card replacement 24 hours and emergency cash at any HSBC branch worldwide and international travel insurance coverage

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