I was completely blown away by the material written in it

I was completely blown away by the material written in it

This is very informative blog! This information on the Federal Reserve is scary, it seems that everything we taught is a lie.

You have a good point, One time. You’ve done some sifting of the videos for us, and I appreciate that. It’s just that I got behind about 6 weeks ago, and I need to catch up.

The links I post are the most important videos to address https://yourloansllc.com/bad-credit-loans-ca/ the situation and topic at hand for it connects dots. It saves countless hours of sifting through less informative videos on youtube and other media outlets which can steer the truth searcher in other directions of distraction, these normally toward alien agendas and religious dogma which again are belief systems to restrict awareness and holistic understanding.

I will refrain from posting other video links for now, but my intentions are to help people or to guide people on the right path

We are all born leaders and can lead each other to freedom instead of being just led through blind faith.

Very good work. I think people really need to see things like this and understand where the real issues in our country lye.

Thank you for your further comments. Mind control certainly is one of the most pervasive and sinister of the silent weapons in use today. I think we have enough links to Michael Tsarion videos though. If readers like him and want more after being exposed to him, they can search him out on YouTube. Too many links has a dilution effect.

I do feel a responsibility to watch, or at least review, all of them so I can comment on them all here, as well as know what’s posted here

Thank you for your comment and readership. I’m glad you agree that the Federal Reserve is an important topic to learn about. I suggest some of the reference materials listed at the end of the hub – especially the little booklet “Modern Money Mechanics” published by the Fed itself (see the free download links). Fortsett å lese «I was completely blown away by the material written in it»